I do not claim to know the day when Christ will return,
we are told, that no one can know the exact day nor the hour that Christ will return,,,
(Mathew 25:13) = (watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the son of man cometh,,,)

but it also says,
(Mathew 24:33), = (so likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors)
the last one of (all these things), was Israel gaining control of Jerusalem,
so at this point, it was the start of the end time generation,,, our generation,,,
this generation started in 1967.5,,,


We use the linage of Jesus to find how long a generation is

(Mathew 1:17) = (from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and,,, fourteen generations;,,, and fourteen generations)
14 + 14 + 14    =    42 generations in the linage of Christ
2,167       =    Birth of Abraham.
  /  42       =    generations
51.595    =    duration of last generation,,, (in solar years)

(this is the same duration that accurately predicted the rebirth of Israel)
1967.5 + 51.6 =  2019.1

360      =   days in Hebrew year
7       =    years of Tribulation
2520      =   days of Tribulation
/365.25   =   days in solar year
6.900      =   solar years in the Tribulation

2019.1 – 6.9 = 2012.2


doors is plural,,, maybe this represents his two comings,
once in the rapture,
(i thes 4:17) = (we which are alive shall be caught up,,, to meet the lord in the air,,,)

2012.2 = deadline

and once in all his glory, = 2019.1 deadline, before 2020
when he sets his feet on the earth again,,
(rev 19:11-16) =(i saw heaven opened,,, his eyes were as a flame,,,)