2020 vision


Hey guys + gals,

Here is something that I feel is very important,
I want to have this argument worded right,
and then send it to all the web churches that I can think of,
to see if they know how I could be in error,,,
or,,,,,,,,,,, is this really the Truth,
There is a deadline for the return of Christ,
as in,,,
a date that Christ must come back before,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This is what I have come to call my,,,,,,,,

The reason for this date setting title,
Although I hesitate to say these words,
as there is such a stigmatization with date setting,

But,,, I see this as important,
and feel an urgent necessity,
for this news to get out,
I feel an urgency for all Christians to know this info,,,

I believe God’s timing is getting very near,
and I have discovered these facts,,,
about there actualy being a certainty,
Why Christ simply MUST return,,, before the year 2020.
It also has duel meaning,,,
also 20/20 is perfect vision,,,
(with my +4 bottle bottom glasses, this is sure not from me,,, lol)
Please,,,,, read this through, and do not just cast it aside, rashly considering me a quack..
Passing this off as another fanatic, ranting about something that they know nothing about.
I may be a fanatic,,,,,, but I have become a fanatic about God,
and I try to use this energizing emotional charge and feeling, in a very productive way.
I do this by trying to read His Word daily, usually studying it intensely,
believing only the prophecies, rules and guidelines, that can be found in the Holy Bible. .
(King James vers)

I want to share with you, a few things that I believe,
and then some things that I believe the Almighty GOD has shared with me,
Then, I will go straight into telling you,
why I believe Christ must return before the year 2020,,
and showing you the Bible verses that led me to this conclusion.

Then I want you to know a few important things about me,
things which may help you, be able to better know my heart + mind,
I will also be hoping that you will pray to the Father,
and ask Him to show you if I speak the Truth,
so He can point out to you, where I may have been in error about something,
I would appreciate it very much, if you would point out to me,
any errors that you see in my conclusions,
Because this is a very serious subject,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
and I need and want to have someone proofing my writing,
so I do not lead my fellow Christian brothers and sisters astray,

Hello there,
My Christian Brother/Sister,
Sorry for the length of this letter,
but I feel that these words are all,
of the utmost importance for you to hear,
I have colored the most important stuff in red,,,,,,,,,
For easier finding and quicker reading,

First, I will share with you a quick list of my beliefs,
and then move straight to what I think needs to come out,,, NOW !!!
I will attempt to do this, with logic, and the details about His Word,
I believe that God wants the deadline to come out into the light,

Then I will show you a list of all the mathematics and Bible verses,
that brought me to this startling conclusion,,,
one that I have trouble seeing why no one has seen before.

Lastly, I will tell you a little bit more about myself,
to give you a better idea of just who this warrior is.
To make things quicker to refer to, easier for reading,
and to let you easily get to the most important parts,

I have colored the most important stuff in red,,,,,,,,,
For easier referencing and easier reading,
Please,,,,, read this through, and do not just rashly cast it aside,.
passing me off as just another fanatic,
ranting about something that I know nothing about.

I may be a fanatic,,,,,, but I have become a fanatic about God,
so I try to use this energizing emotional charge and feeling,
in the most productive way for God’s Kingdom.

My beliefs are:
There is a real God = God does exist, He created this world, He is love, He is the God of the Bible,
(Rom 1:20)= “For the invisible things of him from the Creation of the world are clearly seen,,, so that they are without excuse”
all of creation, and fulfilled prophecy proves it
He is a personal God, and lives within me = in the form of the Holy Spirit,
Jesus is God, = Emmanuel, God with us, (Mathew 1:23)
the Trinity is Truth = I believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One God,
(Gen 1:26)= ”And God said, LET US MAKE man in our image”
(John 1:1)= “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
I believe in the pre-trib rapture, that will happen before the 7 Hebrew years of tribulation
The Holy Bible is truly the inerrant Word of God, there are no mistakes, only mistranslations,
The earth is only about 6000 years old, the layers in the earth were layered in the flood,
(the evidence is everywhere,,, we just choose to ignore it)
The Bible Code is Truth, it is real, and accurate, yet cannot be found until after it happens,
(who knows how much of His-story is recorded in there )
We are now living in the "End Times", the time just before Christ’s imminent return,
Aliens are real = they do exist, but are not more evolved humanoids, they are fallen angels:
(they are all male,,, no female, deceiving spirits, )

I think that I have discovered many enlightening things with this inquisitive mind,
which I have been blessed with, from the Lord God Almighty,
things which include,,,
(1) - I try not to use the words “I am”,
as I have come to believe that this is the Name of God.
because in Exodus 3:14 God says:
“Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

(2) - I know that the Trinity is a problem for many people,
so I asked for some enlightenment,
and I believe that the good Lord has shown me,
a good way of explaining the Trinity doctrine,,,
the Godhead is a Trinity
and man is also made in three parts
GOD man
-------------- -------------
Father = mind = in charge, brains, intelligence, memory
Son = body = your frame, the part that feels, does + contains everything
(this contains the mind + soul) - verse = ?
Holy Spirit = soul = personality, temperament, emotions

(3) - Aliens and ghosts are real,
flying saucers and haunted houses do exist,
they are just not who they pretend to be,
they are not further evolved creatures,
nor are they the spirits of dead people,
they are the spirits of fallen angels,,,
pretending to be other than they are,
in order to deceive us humans,
into not believing the Holy Bible,

(4) - Since becoming “born again”, I have always known in my heart,
that we were the generation spoken of,
in the Bible, that got to see Christ return,
and I was always looking for proof,
to show both believers, and non believers,
just how close His coming was,,,
in all of His Glory and Power,
and I was always looking for the proof,
to show both believers, and non believers,
just how close His coming was,,,